2011 Stanley Cup Hits – Hamhuis Hip Checking Lucic

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Rafi Torres kinda stole the show very very late with his winning goal for the Vancouver Canucks in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup, scoring with 18.5 seconds left on the clock, finally beating Tim Thomas in the Boston goal. We prefer the big hits, and the best one last night was Dan Hamhuis, a notorious hip checker, doing it to Milan Lucic. Hamhuis was the one actually hurt on the play, getting an early exit to the locker rooms, practically crawling to get there.

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  1. Playing the way the Bruins play defensively? There arent many good fighters on the Bruins except Chara, Thornton and Seidenberg. The Canucks try to start fights with weak fighters or people they know they can beat but? as soon as a good Bruins try to start a fight the Canucks wont fight. That why Burrows bit Bergy rather than Lucic or a defenseman. That “Whiny, cheap-ass team” is in the playoff for a reason.. THERE A FANTASTIC TEAM! At least the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup.

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