Lebron Brings on the Magic, Saves Cleveland with Buzzer Beater

Lebron JamesImage: Source

Cleveland had another great first quarter, leading 30-16 after 12 minutes and going into the half time break leading by 12, but the Orlando Magic are slow starters this series. Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis weren’t far from putting the Cavs in a deep deep hole. But than came Lebron James, and both teams are level again.

The Cavaliers had another night in which their bench was just not there for them, and besides Lebron and Mo Williams the starters weren’t too brilliant either, especially Varejao who scored just 4 points. Lebron James was there all throughout the night, scoring 35 points, hitting his only three at the buzzer. James was very Kobe like, trying to force the games to him at times, dishing out only 5 assists and turned the ball over 6 times. Mo Williams added 19.

Orlando didn’t have Dwight Howard on the same form he was in Game 1, this time scoring only 10 points. He still managed to grab 18 rebounds. Lewis scored 23 while Turkoglu score 21, including two points that put Orlando 95-93 up one second before the game was over. Orlando, it seemed, were heading back down to Florida with a 2-0 lead. But than Lebron threw up the prayer from the top of the key, hit it, and the Legend of the King just became greater.

Cleveland have a lot of problems with Orlando’s defence, getting stagnant when the enthusiasm of the first quarter wears down. They won’t have the crowd to push them in games 3 and 4. Just a reminder, Orlando have beaten the Cavs twice in Orlando during the regular season, including a 29 point thrashing  on April 3rd. Lebron James needs his teammates to improve their game, cause I’m not sure he can get them through on his won.

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