The Top Ten Scorers in Manchester United History

Summer’s here, so it’s a great time to freshen up on those history charts and lists. We begin our project with the current English champions, the team that has became the all time leading club in league titles mostly thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson – Manchester United.

Bobby Charlton, 249 Goals

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Sir Bobby Charlton, a survivor of the 1958 Munich air disaster and a 1966 World Cup winner, played 758 matches for the Red Devils, second all time behind Ryan Giggs. He played for 17 years with Man U, scoring 199 league goals including a career best 29 in the 1958-1959 season. He won three league titles with United, one FA Cup and the 1968 European Cup. He was also selected as the European Footballer of the year in 1966.

Denis Law, 237 Goals

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The Scottish striker has played for both Manchester teams during his career and also scored a goal that helped send Manchester United into Division two, his last game and goal of his career. For United, Law played 404 matches and scored 171 league goals during his 11 years with the team. He netted an astonishing 46 during the 1963-1964 season. In 1964, like Charlton, he was selected as the European Footballer of the year.

Jack Rowley, 211 Goals

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Jack Rowley played for Manchester United between 1937 and 1955, winning the 1952 title under Matt Busby. He scored league goals for the club that year and 180 league goals during his tenure that spanned three decades.

Dennis Viollet, 179 Goals

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Considered to be one of the most underrated strikers ever, Viollet won two league titles with Manchester United (56, 57), part of the Busby babes and a survivor of the Munich air disaster. He managed 36 goals in one season back in 1960 and was sold to Stoke City two years later.

George Best, 179

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One of the greatest footballers of all time that despite all of his achievements, including two league titles, one European Cup and the 1968 European footballer of the year is still considered somewhat of unfulfilled potential. Yeah, George Best was that good. He never played in the World Cup and he burnt out suddenly, quickly, without any warning. He is still considered the greatest Manchester United player of all time by their fans according to the most recent poll.

Joe Spence, 168 Goals

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Real Old School – Spence played for Manchester United between 1919 to 1933, being a rare bright light in a constantly under achieving team.

Mark Hughes, 163 Goals

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The Welsh born striker spent a total of 11 seasons with the red devils with spells in Barcelona and Bayern Munich in between those tenures in the late 80’s. He won two Premier League titles with United, including the first one since 1967. He was also part of the Cup Winners’ Cup victory over Barcelona in 1991, the first English trophy since the expulsion from European competition, scoring both goals in the final.

Ryan Giggs, 159 Goals

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The legend continues to grow as Giggs collects more titles and praises, staying for another year and another, still fantastic wherever Sir Alex puts him on the pitch. United’s all time appearance leader with 876, way ahead of anyone else, Giggs collected his 12th league title this season.

Ruud van Nistelrooy, 150 Goals

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Only 219 matches, only five seasons with United, enough for Ruud to be in the top 10. The best scorer per game among the men on the list, Van Nistelrooy never scored less than 20 league goals for United except for his injury riddled season in 2004-2005. The Dutchman led the Premier league in scoring once (2002-2003) with 25 goals. It was also the year he won his only league title with United.

Paul Scholes, 150 Goals

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Same amount, but Scholes needed nearly 700 matches to get there. Recently retired, Scholes played for United since 1994, winning 10 league titles and two Champions League trophies. Despite his consistency and excellence over the years, Scholes is probably a tad underrated due to the un-flashy and sometimes dirty style that he was known for.

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