For a Change – The Summer Belongs to Barcelona?

Arsene Wenger is staying quiet this time. He doesn’t seem to be fighting in the media for the sake of Arsenal remaining whole and keeping hold of their stars. This time, especially after another epic meltdown in the latter stages of the season, it look like Barcelona will get their hands on the forgotten son, Cesc Fabregas.

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There are a few sides to this story, and lets begin with the center of it – Cesc Himself. The 24 year old had probably his hardest year since joining Arsenal’s senior side. The criticism, the lack of goals, the eventual bowing down to United while losing to inferior teams when the title was in grasp. If ever the atmosphere was right for him to make a change and make the switch he’s been dying for, it’s now. Wenger is quiet, which means a lot. I think last season took a lot out of Wenger. Every season without a title eats a little bit at him. Last year wasn’t any different, probably bigger in that matter. Maybe he just doesn’t have the strength to fight for his captain anymore. Or maybe he has decided that the money offered is worth letting his best player go.

Fabregas has stated that he would like to stay with Arsenal, but from his comments, stating that his future is in the hands of Arsneal and Wenger, has made it clear that the window to the transfer the just won’t go away as they put it at is wide open.

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On to Barcelona, and Sandro Rosell, the man doing all the talking. Despite the great interest in Fabregas, it isn’t mostly about him. Barca have set a few targets for this summer, and are about to mark one of them. The Chilean winger, Alexis Sanchez, coming off an impressive World Cup and season with Udinese, is all but signed with the European champions. Chile, preparing for the Copa America, have allowed him a flight to Spain in order to┬ácomplete┬áthe negotiations and return with a clear and happy mind back to the national business.

But Barca, despite being the mega club they are, have limits. Mostly financial limits. But despite not so deep pockets, that never prevents clubs like Barcelona or Real Madrid from coughing up the big bucks. Loans are always there. Sandro Rosell, the club president, has been doing most of the talking this past week regarding Barcelona’s action in the transfer market. First he declared that Barca might spend up to 45 million Euros. Alexis Sanchez himself will cost around 30, probably more like 28. Barcelona were also very keen on snatching Giuseppe Rossi from Villareal. That transfer will not happen probably.

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Fabregas? Last summer he was valued at around 40. Rosell has already said that Fabregas’ value has decreased this year and Guardiola knows how to value players and Fabregas isn’t worth the 35 million pounds offered for him last year. Still, doing the match, Barcelona┬áshouldn’t┬ábe able to meet even 20 million Euros in transfer fee. Remember that 45 number? Well, according to other rumors, David Villa’s disappointing finish to the season (maybe they forgot about his Champions League goal against United) and him turning 30 in December plus the fact that Barcelona need cash could lead to a deal done with Chelsea or Manchester City, two teams that never really seem shy of spending and spending, to inject some money into the empty piggy bank.

So, while Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho stay quiet west of Barcelona, planning in dark chambers how to overtake the Spanish Kingdom and Europe once again, June seems to be another month Barcelona own, at least in the headlines, unlike previous summers.

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