Fastest Servers in History

Wimbledon is gone now, but it always leaves a lasting effect. Due to serves always being a big part of the tournament, here are the 7 men boasting the fastest serves in the history of the game. None of them have ever won the title at Wimbledon, if you ask.

Ivo Karlovic, Croatia – 156 Mph

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The tallest player to ever compete in the ATP Tour (6’10) has never had huge success on tour, reaching a career high ranking of 18 and one Wimbledon quarter final. About 3 months ago, in a Davis cup match, Karlovic hit the fastest serve in the history of the game.

Andy Roddick, USA – 155 Mph

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Roddick held the fastest serve ever record for seven years until Karlovic did his thing last March. Roddick’s big one also came in a Davis Cup match back in 2004. Roddick, unlike Karlovic, has had a bit more success off his serve and game, winning one US Open in 2003 and reaching four more Grand Slam finals, losing them all to Roger Federer.

Roscoe Tanner, USA – 153 Mph

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A one time Australian Open champion, Roscoe Tanner was the biggest server in the world during the 70’s and early 80’s and once even brought down the net with a 140 mph serve in the US Open, during his famous win over Bjorn Borg. His record serve has been put into doubt by many due to the inaccuracy of the equipment used at the time.

Joachim Johansson, Sweden – 152 Mph

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Like the top two, Johansson’s record serve came in a David cup match in 2004. The retired Swede, ranked 9th in the world during his prime, still holds the record for most aces served in a four setter with 51. He lost that match.

Milos Raonic, Canada – 150 Mph

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The 20 year old Canadian won his first singles tournament earlier this year and made his Wimbledon debut, and with the right adjustments could be heading very quickly much higher than his current 26th ranking. He hit his big serve this year, during the tournament in Memphis, against Andy Roddick.

Taylor Dent, USA – 149.8 Mph

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Retired since November 2010, Dent’s serve and volley style never won him many tournaments, finishing his career with 4 career titles, the last of them in 2003. In 2010 he set the record for the fastest ever serve at Wimbledon, clocking at 148 Mph.

Greg Rusedski, UK – 149 Mph

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The retired Canadian born Brit always had Tim Henman to “thank” for being the less popular Brit during the 90’s and early 2000’s. Rusedski did make on Slam final (1997 in the US Open) and finished his career with 15 singles titles. He hit his big one back in 1998 at Indian Wells.


In the WTA, only four women have hit serves topping the 125 Mph mark – Serena and Venus Williams, Brenda Schultz-McCarthy and German Anna-Lena Gronfeld.

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