Cristiano Ronaldo at his Worst

Cristiano Ronaldo might be the most talented player in the world, maybe in the history of Soccer. Physically, technically, there’s never been anything like him. The complete package, looking to win titles again like with Manchester United, for a Real Madrid side always falling behind Barcelona these past few years.

Ronaldo lives in a Barcelona-centric world since he arrived at Spain, a Messi-Centric world. He’ll always be the bad guy, not just because of Messi and Barca, not just because he has Jose Mourinho as a manager. Ronaldo, despite the talents and the accomplishments, team and individual that keep on coming, isn’t exactly what you call a fair player. Dives, cheating and hard fouls from time to time. The complete package.

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Fair game appeals to the English more than anyone else. The way Cristiano Ronaldo got the red card out of Wayne Rooney, first by hording the referee and then by getting Rooney sent off for that joke of a push… Alan Shearer probably gave Wayne Rooney the best advice how to deal with such a faithful teammate. Eventually the two went on to win three Premier League titles in a row after that summer and one Champions League title. Fans delve into the emotions of it all. For them, the players, it’s just business.

Besides being a genius of a player, Ronaldo spends plenty of time rolling on the ground trying to get guys books. Sometimes he just exaggerates after being fouled, sometimes he dives, and sometimes he acts completely dishonestly, adding horrible acting and face clutching in an attempt to get guys sent off.

This is a business, and these players want to win, badly. Still, there’s no justification, never will be, for cheating you way to victory. When it comes from uber-talented stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, maybe the most gifted player to ever step on a soccer pitch, well, it’s no surprise Ronaldo gets a lot of hate mixed in with the huge amount of fans he has around the world.

Ronaldo has more cases of bad acting. Against Milan he did get accidentally slapped on the neck by Abate, with rolling around that came afterwards not fooling anyone, even a terrible referee like Howard Webb, who had enough of CR9’s antics in Premier League matches. Ronaldo doesn’t pity the weak as well, trying to nick a penalty against Iceland after he simply fails with one from his bag of tricks. He isn’t violently demanding a penalty, but just then notion of trying to slightly convince the referee he was pushes is pathetic.

Even when Cristiano Ronaldo actually got clipped with intent and had every right to dive, it almost got Wayne Rooney sent off.

It’s not all about diving and faking injuries. The SECOND best player in the world gets the red card from time to time. It usually happens as retaliations for actual fouls on him, but when he loses his head, which happens once a year it seems, he makes a hard enough foul to see red.

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Honestly, I don’t think he minds taking the heat, most of the time. He’s gotten used to everything that goes around him. At 26, nearing 27, Ronaldo’s seen all kind of provocations from players and fans. His temper hardly gets the best of him anymore, and he usually lets his talents do the talking. It’s the arrogant demeanor, perceived or actually there, the diving and the fact that right now he doesn’t play for the trendiest side in the world that make him as hated as he is adored by the rest.

Sometimes, temper does get the best him, and noses get broken.

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