Mastercard Meme on Manchester United & Manchester City Title Race

The last day of the English Premier League’s title race posed a serious dillema for neutral fans – Cheer for Manchester City, who don’t get much love for ‘Buying the title’ or root for Manchester United, who, well, very few besides Red Devil fans want to see them grab another title.

For those seeking to make fun of both sides, there’s this nice meme, taking the known Mastercard spin on the title race. It has a little bit of everything – Making fun of Manchester City for being a rich and over-spending club; Mario Balotelli’s mental instability; Alex Ferguson, losing.

But I think from the reactions across the board you can say that most were happy with City winning the title. Not just because they were the better team throughout the season; Seeing Alex Ferguson fail is a delight many people rarely get to experience.

And the notion that City ‘bought’ the title; Yes, they’ve spent a lot of money building this deep squad. But Dimitar Berbatov didn’t come for free, and so didn’t Wayne Rooney. Phil Jones, Michael Carrick, David De Gea. People try to point United as the anti-City or anti-Chelsea, but they’re barking up the wrong tree with that one. This isn’t Athletic Bilbao.

It’s alright to spend your money if you got it. I don’t know how the new FIFA rules will help curb reckless spending, but I’ve got a feeling those who really want to throw cash at players will find some loopholes to get around the restrictions. Once their position as a consistent title contender is solidified, the spending will drop. Just like it has for Chelsea, although that didn’t work out so well this season.

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