Anthony Davis’ Uni-brow as the Nike Swoosh

If Anthony Davis didn’t get enough of a hard time about his uni-brow during his fantastic freshman year with the Kentucky Wildcats, it’s about to get a whole of a lot bigger now that he’s officially on the 2012 Dream team to the London Olympics, before he begins his NBA career.

Davis, who was part of the bigger roster before the final cut downs to 12 players, missed out on a final roster place because of an injury that kept him out of the trial week. However, in turn, Blake Griffin suffered from a torn meniscus that brought a now healthy Davis back on the team to London.

The expectations from Davis for his rookie season are all across the board. After winning the national title with the Wildcats and winning every possible individual award for his only College Basketball season, he’s been labeled as one of those sure things out of College. The next Bill Russell? Some have even gone as far as that. Whatever the comparison may be, people are mostly excited about Davis’ athleticism, length and blocking ability. Offense? He still has some things to learn.

But for now, when it’s all projections and expectations, and success in the NBA is not so easy to predict even for the biggest of college stars (see Greg Oden), it’s easy to guess Davis will enjoy the endorsement money that’ll be coming in. And using the Nike swoosh to make fun of Davis’ eyebrows is what basketball fans have right now, before they see him in official action with the pros.

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