Best Gifs From the 2013 Champions League Final

Best Gifs From the 2013 Champions League Final

From Franck Ribery elbowing Robert Lewandowski, to the goals (including the ones that didn’t count) and especially the 89th minute winner by Arjen Robben, reviewing the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund looks much better in gif-form.

Bayern Munich needed some time to “get into the match”, but once they got going, which was mostly Arjen Robben finding plenty of space beyond the defense while Franck Ribery and Thomas Muller created some magical touches, the chances of Dortmund walking off the Wembley pitch with a smile on their face became smaller and smaller.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Getting A Little Melodramatic

Bastian Schweinsteiger

It wasn’t the best of matches for Bastian Schweinsteiger, but he did look better and more influential as the match went on, helping Bayern pin Dortmund to their own half and almost scoring on a shot from the edge of the box, saved by Roman Weidenfeller. Apparently, this “injury” didn’t ruin the day for him.

Dortmund Fans Don’t Know What’s Waiting For Them

Dortmund Fans

All season long Dortmund fans have enjoyed a huge increase in their reputation as some of the best in Euopre. What began in massive ecstasy ended in pain and tears, unfortunately.

Frank Ribery Brings a Big Man Down

Franck Ribery Elbowing Robert Lewandowski

Franck Ribery was lucky not to be sent off for this one, although Robert Lewandowski, who has quite a huge physical advantage, probably hurt his own cause with a pathetic dive, possibly his last for Dortmund.

Before Jurgen Klopp Ran Out of Juice

Jurgen Klopp

Not the best of coaching performances from Jurgen Klopp, who looked quite different 45 minutes later.

Arjen Robben Giving Roman Weindenfeller Some Facial Bruises

Robben Hits Face

At that moment in time, it didn’t really matter. Any angle, chance or situation Robben was in, he wasn’t going to score. Maybe he was just warming up.

First Bayern Goal

First Bayern Goal

A brilliant pass from Franck Ribery, and finally a great, quick and correct decision from Arjen Robben, finding a wide open Mario Mandzukic in front of goal to give Bayern the 1-0 lead.

Dante Being Stupid

Dante Being Stupid

Dante didn’t think, and kicked Marco Reus straight in the abs, giving Dortmund a penalty kick scored by Ilkay Gundogan.

Subotic Saving the Day

Subotic Goalline save

Right after Dortmund scored their undeserving equalizer, came another moment of their defense collapsing. Luckily for them, Thomas Muller was always a bit off with his final touch on the day, and Arjen Robben preferred not to slide, allowing Subotic to make the amazing clearance.

 A Wonder Goal That Didn’t Count

Robert Lewandowski Wonder Goal

If this would have gone in, it might have been considered the greatest goal in the history of Champions League finals.

 The Dirtier Side of Lewandowski

Dirty Lewandowski

Not the worst of stamps we’ve ever seen, but if that would have been caught by one of the officials it could have been a red card.

Arjen’s Robben Moment of Redemption

Arjen Robben's Moment of Redemption

Two Champions League finals and a World Cup Final as well have been the bane of Robben’s existence, but finally got it right, at the 89th minute, making it 2-1.

The Fat Lady Has Sung

Bayern Lift Trophy

Their fifth overall, and first since 2001, erasing their two final losses in 2010 and 2012.

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