Hugo Lloris Cheats to Save Tottenham

Hugo Lloris Cheats to Save Tottenham

Tottenham scored a dramatic 93rd minute goal by Paulinho to get their fourth win and stay on par with Arsenal on the top of the Premier League. However, if it wasn’t for an illegal save by Hugo Lloris, the ending might have been very different.

Lloris used his hand to save Tottenham from a sticky situation after a terrible mistake by Kyle Naughton, allowing Frazier Campbell a one on one chance with Lloris.

The French goalkeeper was already out of his goal, and didn’t flinch as he dove at Campbell’s feet in an attempt to save the day. His timing was perfect, as he got a hand on the ball, giving Tottenham the chance to win later on.

The problem? It was outside the box, which should have resulted in Lloris getting sent off and Cardiff being awarded a free kick. Cardiff defended well for most of the match, but eventually the pressure from Tottenham was enough to win them the match. Once again, the linesman and the referee combo, who need help from replay cameras and officials, get none, and cost Cardiff important points at home, probably.

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