Daniel Sturridge Helped by Howard Webb & Luis Suarez Has a Perfect Comeback

Daniel Sturridge Helped by Howard Webb & Luis Suarez Has a Perfect Comeback

Even if the hero of the Liverpool victory over Sunderland was Luis Suarez, scoring twice upon his return to Premier League action, Daniel Sturridge scoring a goal with his arm whiel Howard Webb once again missed the moment and made a huge mistake was just as important towards the final result.

Suarez, after a 10-match suspension that also meant nine league matches watching from the stands, and after such a rough summer of wanting to leave and not getting his wish, showed just how hungry he is to succeed with his current club, and maybe set himself up in a situation which he wants to stay in.

But the first goal opened things up for Liverpool. No one really saw it before the replays, including Howard Webb, the linesman and the Sunderland players, but Sturridge reacted first to the Steven Gerrard corner by using his elbow, close to his body, in order to score. Once again – we don’t need goal line technology as much as we need a replay-referee or something of the sort, to assist in situations when no one can help.

Sturridge and Gerrard were involved in the build up for the second goal as well, as a brilliant pass from Gerrard found Sturridge in a one on one situation. Suarez made excellent off the ball movement inside the box, and Sturridge found him so the Uruguayan striker could open up his tally for the 2013-2014 season.

Sunderland had their moments in the match, including a Giaccherini goal that gave Sunderland a bit of hope, but Liverpool were the better and more dangerous side, this time not falling back in the second half and doing their best to remain offensive despite their midfield problems. It ended with another nice build up between Suarez and Sturridge, with Suarez once again on the finishing end, having a perfect double on his Premier League comeback.

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