Bom Senso FC – Brazilian Footballers Want a Change

Bom Senso FC – Brazilian Footballers Want a Change

Bom Senso FC

Brazilian footballers have had enough of a congested football calendar in the country, which offers almost no rest for players between the local leagues, national championship and continental competitions, as players took the opening minute in matches to protest by either simply standing with their arms crossed and doing nothing, or passing the ball back and forth, wasting time, like in the match between Flamengo and Sao Paulo.

For example, the national championship, Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (and lower tiers), began in May and will end only in December. Seven months sounds reasonable enough – leagues in Europe are played between August/September until May or April most of the time. But in Brazil there are also the local leagues for each state.

The Paulista, for the Sao Paulo teams, usually runs from mid January to late April, early May, before the national championship season begins. Some of the better players don’t take part of all the matches of the local leagues or get more rest, but in a year round football competition, most players find it difficult to get some rest.

So players around the country created the Common Sense Football Club movement in hope that by protesting and later having discussions with the CBF they’ll be able to find an answer that’s fairer to the players.

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