Julio Baptista Asking Vasco Players to Score More Goals Against His Own Team Cruzeiro

Julio Baptista Asking Vasco Players to Score More Goals Against His Own Team Cruzeiro

A mini scandal that might develop into something bigger is brewing in Brazilian football, after Julio Baptista was caught on camera telling Cris from Vasco Faz Outro Logo, which translates into Score Another. His team, the already crowned champions, Cruzeiro, lost the match 2-1, against a side that’s battling against relegation.

What’s the big deal? The lip-reading clearly shows Baptista telling Cris (at this point Vasco were leading 2-0) to score another goal. From here, right now, it’s speculation as to what it actually means.

Betting scandal? Gambling is illegal in Brazil, and Vasco couldn’t have “bought” the match. As one redditor put it – a team like Vasco who can’t even fucking pay the water bill got the cash to buy games.

Julio Baptista

There’s the whole ‘let Vasco stay’ conspiracy. Some suggest many Cruzeiro players are Vasco fans. Not fielding the strongest lineup possible is a hint at Cruzeiro not trying too hard to win a game they probably should be winning on normal circumstances, but without anything to play for anymore, what’s the harm in ruining sportsmanship and messing up the relegation battle?

There’s also the suggestion that Cruzeiro are interested in Marlone, the 21-year old attacking midfielder playing for Vasco, and actually used the match as a chance to smooth things over between the clubs, helping out Vasco so they can sell the talented player to Cruzeiro.

There’s also the final option of Baptista simply taunting Cris, daring him and his team to score again. Baptista didn’t try to hide what happened after the match, admitting that it was what he said. Cris was asking Baptista ‘to go easy on them’ and Baptista challenged him to score another goal. In that case, it’s simply the Brazilian media making something out of nothing, because there really isn’t too much interest left in the league at this point.

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