Steven Gerrard – Liverpool Legend Shouldn’t Care About Alex Ferguson

Steven Gerrard – Liverpool Legend Shouldn’t Care About Alex Ferguson

Steven Gerrard

Yes, there’s no denying that Steven Gerrard will probably retire one day as one of the best player to never win a domestic championship, although Liverpool have been looking a bit closer to achieving that goal this season. But it doesn’t mean that he’s had a pretty much dream career for his boyhood club, and nothing Alex Ferguson writes out of pure spite and venom is going to change that.

Talking to various sources on TV and other forms of media, Gerrard is the next of the Ferguson Autobiography “victims” to speak about how he felt after appearing in Ferguson’s books. Instead of taking it lightly, Gerrard was another one who felt quite insulted by the greatest manager to ever stand on the sidelines in the UK calling him a top player, but not from the very elite.

For some reason, people fail to call out Alex Ferguson for what he really is at this point: A bitter old man. Angry about not retiring on his old terms, with the story leaking out before he himself could announce it to the hordes of Manchester United fans, blind to everything wrong about the man when it comes to the general good of the sport, although they shouldn’t care about anything else but their own team’s success, born with his arrival and possibly going away with his departure.

Gerrard is an old man in footballing terms, or at least he plays like one sometimes. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s got nothing to be ashamed of for what he’s done in his career, even if it doesn’t match the achievements of lesser players who are often compared to him, like the overrated Frank Lampard, who happened to be at Chelsea at exactly the right time.

Maybe one day someone will write a biography about Ferguson made all the referees in England quiver with fear from his wrath and paint the successful yet hypocritical manager in a different colors than the one he retired with. Him blasting away at everything and everyone just to make himself look greater than ever before might be the beginning of that image deterioration.

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