2014 World Cup Match Schedule

2014 World Cup Match Schedule

World Cup draw

The group stage draw for the 2014 World Cup did create one group of death (Group D with Uruguay, Italy and England together) and put together quite a few interesting teams together, with matches that do deserve to get the kind of attention the knockout stage matches usually get, even giving us a repeat of the previous’ World Cup final with Spain and the Netherlands coming together.

Brazil, in group A, don’t have a super team to face, but their matches against Mexico (who they played against in the Confederations CUp) and the opener against Croatia generate plenty of interest. In group B, Spain and the Netherlands give us probably the biggest match of the group stage – a repeat of the 2010 World Cup Final.

Group D is filled with interesting matches as Uruguay play Italy and England, while these old European rivals also face other in a match that usually doesn’t give us high quality of football but is very interesting nonetheless. In Group G, Germany and Portugal, two teams that met in the group stage of the previous European championship, also give us something to look forward to.

Group A

Brazil vs Croatia (June 12, 17:00, Sao Paulo)

Mexico vs Cameroon (June 13, 13:00, Natal)

Brazil vs Mexico (June 17, 16:00, Fortaleza)

Cameroon vs Croatia (June 18, 16:00, Manaus)

Cameroon vs Brazil (June 23, 17:00, Brasilia)

Croatia vs Mexico (June 23, 17:00, Recife)

Group B

Spain vs Netherlands (June 13, 16:00, Salvador)

Chile vs Australia (June 13, 19:00, Cuiaba)

Spain vs Chile (June 18, 19:00, Rio de Janeiro)

Australia vs Netherlands (June 18, 13:00, Porto Alegre)

Australia vs Spain (June 23, 13:00, Curitiba)

Netherlands vs Chile (June 23, 13:00, Sao Paulo)

Group C

Colombia vs Greece (June 14, 13:00, Belo Horizonte)

Ivory Coast vs Japan (June 14, 19:00, Recife)

Colombia vs Ivory Coast (June 19, 13:00, Brasilia)

Japan vs Greece (June 19, 19:00, Natal)

Japan vs Colombia (June 24, 17:00, Cuiaba)

Greece vs Ivory Coast (June 24, 17:00, Fortaleza)

Group D

Uruguay vs Costa Rica (June 14, 16:00, Fortaleza)

England vs Italy (June 14, 22:00, Manaus)

Uruguay vs England (June 19, 16:00, Sao Paulo)

Italy vs Costa Rica (June 20, 13:00, Recife)

Italy vs Uruguay (June 24, 13:00, Natal)

Costa Rica vs England (June 24, 13:00, Belo Horizonte)

Group E

Switzerland vs Ecuador (June 15, 13:00, Brasilia)

France vs Honduras (June 15, 16:00, Porto Alegre)

Switzerland vs France (June 20, 16:00, Salvador)

Honduras vs Ecuador (June 20, 19:00, Curitiba)

Honduras vs Switzerland (June 25, 17:00, Manaus)

Ecuador vs France (June 25, 17:00, Rio de Janeiro)

Group F

Argentina vs Bosnia (June 15, 19:00, Rio de Janeiro)

Iran vs Nigeria (June 16, 16:00, Curitiba)

Argentina vs Iran (June 21, 13:00, Belo Horizonte)

Nigeria vs Bosnia (June 21, 19:00, Cuiaba)

Nigeria vs Argentina (June 25, 13:00, Porto Alegre)

Bosnia vs Iran (June 25, 13:00, Salvador)

Group G

Germany vs Ghana (June 16, 13:00, Salvador)

USA vs Portugal (June 16, 19:00, Natal)

Germany vs USA (June 21, 16:00, Fortaleza)

Portugal vs Ghana (June 22, 16:00, Manaus)

Portugal vs Germany (June 26, 13:00, Recife)

Ghana vs USA (June 26, 13:00, Brasilia)

Group H

Belgium vs Algeria (June 17, 13:00, Belo Horizonte)

Russia vs South Korea (June 17, 19:00, Cuiaba)

Belgium vs Russia (June 22, 19:00, Rio de Janeiro)

South Korea vs Algeria (June 22, 13:00, Porto Alegre)

South Korea vs Belgium (June 26, 17:00, Sao Paulo)

Algeria vs Russia (June 26, 17:00, Curitiba)

Knockout Stage

Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
28 June ‚ÄstBelo Horizonte
 Winner Group A
4 July ‚ÄstFortaleza
 Runner-up Group B
 Winner Match 49
28 June ‚ÄstRio de Janeiro
 Winner Match 50
 Winner Group C
8 July ‚ÄstBelo Horizonte
 Runner-up Group D
 Winner Match 57
30 June ‚ÄstBras√≠lia
 Winner Match 58
 Winner Group E
4 July ‚ÄstRio de Janeiro
 Runner-up Group F
 Winner Match 53
30 June ‚ÄstPorto Alegre
 Winner Match 54
 Winner Group G
13 July ‚ÄstRio de Janeiro
 Runner-up Group H
 Winner Match 61
29 June ‚ÄstFortaleza
 Winner Match 62
 Winner Group B
5 July ‚ÄstSalvador
 Runner-up Group A
 Winner Match 51
29 June ‚ÄstRecife
 Winner Match 52
 Winner Group D
9 July ‚ÄstS√£o Paulo
 Runner-up Group C
 Winner Match 59
1 July ‚ÄstS√£o Paulo
 Winner Match 60 Third place
 Winner Group F
5 July ‚ÄstBras√≠lia 12 July ‚ÄstBras√≠lia
 Runner-up Group E
 Winner Match 55  Loser Match 61
1 July ‚ÄstSalvador
 Winner Match 56  Loser Match 62
 Winner Group H
 Runner-up Group G


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