Isiah Thomas & Derrick Williams With the Off The Glass, Reverse Alley Oop (Video)

Isiah Thomas & Derrick Williams With the Off The Glass, Reverse Alley Oop (Video)

Some nights around the NBA aren’t filled with big games between title contending teams, but that doesn’t mean nothing is actually happening. The Sacramento Kings still don’t have all the new pieces they traded for, but they’ve got players like Isiah Thomas and Derrick Williams to do the job for now, as the two combined for what might be the best dunk we’ve seen this season so far – Thomas setting up a dunk by using the glass before Derrick Williams comes in for the reverse jam.

Williams is flourishing since being traded from the Timberwolves to California. Maybe it’s the better weather or maybe it’s just a head coach that believes in him and doesn’t try to ruin his career like it sometimes felt Adelman was doing. Whatever the case may be, Williams had one of his best games ever in the NBA, scoring 31 points on 12-of-16 shooting, adding 5 steals to make it a really special night, although what people will remember is the dunk.

Besides Williams, the 112-97 win over the Dallas Mavericks belonged to DeMarcus Cousins who had a very easy time dominating against the weak Mavs’ front line. Cousins had a huge night with 32 points 19 rebounds (and also 9 turnovers), beating down on DeJuan Blair and Samuel Dalembert, who were quite helpless in their futile attempts of defending him. Isiah Thomas did more than just set up nice plays by Williams, scoring 24 points and adding 12 assists in a win that will hopefully boost the Kings towards a better season than what we’ve seen from them so far.

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