11 More Excellent David Moyes Failure Memes

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The fun never stops for those who are simply enjoying this Manchester United season, orchestrated by David Moyes. How much is this his fault? It depends on who you ask, but the sharp contrast when compared to last season and generally the Alex Ferguson standards has created some hilarious memes over the course of this season.

And the loss to Olympiakos has brought out even more of them – more digs at Moyes’ tactical prowess (or lack thereof), Alex Ferguson getting tired of his heir and the bandwagon fans of Manchester United slowly slipping away, looking for a new club to support.

Manchester United, who haven’t exactly been very strong when it comes to home performances, now need to erase a two goal deficit at the Old Trafford. Their only chance of making it into the Champions League next season seems to be winning the competition, unlikely as that sounds. They’re 11 points behind Liverpool in the Premier League as they still dream of fourth place. Hard to say what’s the more realistic scenario.

And David Moyes, as we’ve said in the past, is running out of excuses. No more talk of being unlucky, no more blaming referees, no more talk about playing well and simply not scoring. Many saw their away loss to Olympiakos as the bottom of the barrel, but there’s still a couple of months left in this season. No more cups, just one second leg to aim at, as Moyes struggles to show any kind of positive touch on this team, that has declined since the moment he took charge of the manager position.

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