Tyler Inman, the Best Dunker in College Basketball

Tyler Inman, the Best Dunker in College Basketball

One of the topics that constantly comes up during All-Star weekend is the problem with the dunk contest and what needs to be done. A look at the NABC-NAIA All-Star Dunk Contest, with Tyler Inman of Southwestern Christian University shows that all you need is a bit of creativity and some great hops.

Inman won the competition with a series of dunks that each of them would probably go on to win the NBA All-Star dunk contest as well. His best came with a self lob from midcourt before taking off from the free throw line and dunking the ball he caught midair. The free throw line is something that always works on those scoring competitions, but it’s also impossible to ignore Inman being a white guy, which always stands out in dunk contests.

But it wasn’t the color of his skin that was so impressive about the dunks – the performance itself stood out as something special. The college dunk contests are usually a lot more fun and creative than the ones we see in the NBA. Maybe it is the lack of fear factor from guys who know they’re not going to be in the NBA that helps make these events so much more fun to watch. Maybe there’s something about the concept, unlike the constant changes the NBA is putting into its own product, which seems to have gone a bit too far this season – keeping it simple works, as long as the players performing the dunks go all out instead of trying the same old boring stuff.

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