Why Liverpool Can Still Win The Premier League Title

Why Liverpool Can Still Win The Premier League Title

The Dark Knight Rises

There’s only one way for Liverpool to still win the Premier League title: They need to beat Newcastle while crossing their fingers for a Manchester City loss, at home, against West Ham. But it can still happen, right? Maybe, especially when you’re trying to compare the final day of the season to the evens of The Dark Knight Rises film, giving the Reds a Batman role in the movie.

So how does it work? Well, according to StayAwayGetaway, a Liverpool fan, this whole great season has been attached to a bad feeling of potential disaster. As if Liverpool are the aging, a bit untrained, rusty and out of sorts Bruce Wayne as we see him in the third film of the Nolan trilogy. Bane tells Batman There can be no true despair without hope. For many Liverpool fans, seeing Everton lose to Manchester City, watching Liverpool drop a three goal lead against Crystal Palace and then Manchester City beat Aston Villa, is true despair.

But if the lowest point comes a week before the season ends, then there might be a plot twist in an otherwise predictable tale, right? Something has to happen on the final day of the season.

West Ham are a team fighting for nothing. But they’re also a team that doesn’t mind ruining it for others. And they play “19th century football” which makes things very difficult for opposition. And they have two former Liverpool players in Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing. And they have Kevin Nolan, a big Liverpool fan. Maybe the stars will align in the right way for the Reds after all.

As StayAwayGetaway wrote: … as I awoke on Tuesday, I began to realise. Batman (Liverpool) at the end is staring down the barrel of Bane’s (Despair) shotgun (1 game away), and he’s saved…by Catwoman (Andy Carroll). This logic is flawless and so I am already making preparations for a 5pm title party. Come to think of it, maybe it should be a Batman themed one.

Not exactly science, but without too much straws left to cling on to, Liverpool fans will take this theory and hope it comes true and end a drought of 24 years.

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