12 Best NBA Gifs in May 2014

12 Best NBA Gifs in May 2014

Lance Stephenson sleeping

It’s been a busy month of NBA playoffs, and there’s no better way to glance over the most memorable moments than in Gif form, with Lance Stephenson blowing in the ear of LeBron James or Kevin Durant flopping like there’s no tomorrow being the highlights of this quality batch.

Serge Ibaka hitting Blake Griffin up high and down low also makes the list, and we didn’t forget about Damian Lillard ending the season for the Houston Rockets or Russell Westbrook showing us how great and bad he can be in a matter of seconds.

Lance Stephenson Blowing in LeBron James’ Ear

The most memorable moment of the Eastern conference finals, as Lance Stephenson reached new lows (or highs) of how to try and take a player you’re guarding out of the game. Stephenson was panned for resorting to these childish tactics, which didn’t stop him from doing worse things in the next game as well.

Kevin Durant Flops Too

Kevin Durant isn’t the nice little kid that just wants an NBA title. Like every great player, there’s some nasty and dirty to him, and his flop while coming off a DeAndre Jordan screen is pathetic.

Lance Stephenson Flops and Goes to Sleep

No one flops as much as Lance Stephenson does. Here he is flopping, not getting the call he wanted and then “falling asleep” on the floor. This became one of the hottest memes of the NBA playoffs.

Serge Ibaka With a Cheap Shot to Blake Griffin’s Groin

The Thunder don’t like the Clippers, and Serge Ibaka really doesn’t like Blake Griffin. This intentional, yes, intentional low blow was just a prime example of how dirty this excellent player can be when vexed. And that’s not all from the Ibaka – Griffin rivalry:

Griffin actually wasn’t fouled on this one. He hit his head on Ibaka’s elbow, this time not trying to do anything wrong, which resulted with a bloody nose. Obviously, Griffin didn’t see it that way, and went to show his blood to the referees.

Caron Butler’s Range of Emotions

By the end of the series against the Spurs, Caron Butler was a forgotten name and face on the Thunder’s bench. But he did have some good and bad moments on the court as well. The most memorable of them was this insane acting performance against the Grizzlies, showing every possible emotion in a matter of seconds while Kendrick Perkins kept everything in order.

Russell Westbrook at his worst and best

Few players are as polarizing as Russell Westbrook can be in a matter of seconds. In game 3, with the Thunder winning for the first time in the Western conference finals, Westbrook missed a dunk while being left alone against the rim. However, he grabbed the offensive rebound from Matt Bonner and scored before help could arrive. On reddit, they called it ‘The Full Westbrook‘.

Damian Lillard’s Series Winner vs the Rockets

The Portland Trail Blazers didn’t have home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs against the Houston Rockets, but they turned out to be the better team in a forgotten but very fun to watch series. Down by two with 0.9 seconds to go in game 6, Lillard hit a winning 3-pointer that gave the Blazers their first playoff series win in 14 years, even though the clock started way too late on that play.

Kawhi Leonard Spinning and Scoring

Leonard didn’t have (Statistically speaking) the best of series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, averaging just 11.8 points per game. However, his defense and his big plays throughout, which included an impressive number of highlight plays showed once again just how important he is to the Spurs, and growing by the minute.

Glen Davis Before Games

There wasn’t too much Glen Davis was able to do coming off the Clippers’ bench. However, his rabid dog pregame routine makes up for all of his minimal contribution. I’m not sure Clippers fans feel the same way.

The Bill Simmons Headshake

Simmons isn’t as popular with hardcore NBA fans as he used to be, but it’s hard to ignore his presence or his influence. A huge believer in conspiracy theories, he wasn’t too happy to see the Cleveland Cavaliers land the #1 draft pick in the lottery for a third time in four years.

How to Make Ray Allen Look Great

One of the things the Miami Heat do really well is get Ray Allen open 3-pointers. This is the elevator play. They’re not the only team in the league to use it (Warriors do to) but Allen shooting open 3’s on the catch and shoot is one of the best shots out there for a team to take.

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