18 Best Photos of the 2014 World Cup Final

18 Best Photos of the 2014 World Cup Final

The match ends, the memories remain, and the best of them stay in our minds through photos and pictures. Germany beat Argentina 1-0 to claim the World Cup for a fourth time in another final that went into extra time, with Lionel Messi failing to live up to the expectations and Mario Gotze coming out as the hero being the most memorable side notes.

Messi wasn’t having the best of matches. Well, it wasn’t the best of tournaments for Messi once the quarterfinals began. He did get the award for best player in the tournament for some reason, but he didn’t smile about it, and got a little bit of pick-me-up chat from Bastain Schweinsteiger, who got beat up during the match quite badly.

Cristoph Kramer was another player who picked up an injury, but the young midfielder couldn’t bounce back, getting knocked in the head and never really regaining focus. Manuel Neuer crashed into Gonzalo Higuain in the second half around that same spot but no lasting damage came of it except for a bruise or two.

In the end, with Argentina having most of their dangerous moments in the start, it was one mistake by their defense that gave Mario Gotze the space and time to score the winning goal in extra time. No tears came afterwards. Only disappointment and regret on one side, while the other team celebrated with the most important leader in Western Europe.

Getting Ready Not looking confident Here, Take it Balance Arguing with a smile Dizzy Confusion in the box I see you Manuel Neuer Boom Kissing Fan Schurrle Diving Bastian Schweinsteiger getting hit Mario Gotze greatness Dejected Lionel Messi Celebration and Sadness Winner & Loser The moment Next time

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