30 Best Memes of Cardale Jones & Ohio State Beating Marcus Mariota & Oregon

30 Best Memes of Cardale Jones & Ohio State Beating Marcus Mariota & Oregon

Despite being the underdogs (again), Ohio State prevailed in a very dominant performance against Oregon to win the college football national championship, with Ezekiell Elliott being named the hero of the memes, Cardale Jones getting praised (but also made fun of) while Marcus Mariota and the Ducks took a lot of flack for messing up in money time once again and for their jerseys resembling the Oakland Raiders.

How does a team that looked so good all season long look so bad and impotent with the game on the line? Not having their two best receivers didn’t help, but it had more to do with the Ohio State pass rush and front seven getting to Mariota when it mattered and eliminating one of the best running games in the nation without a lot of trouble.

No more Big Ten jokes for quite a while now. Ohio State made sure of that. Two years in a row without the SEC winning a championship. Things are changing in College Football, and suddenly it’s the Pac-12 without a national championship for a very very long time.

Urban Meyer won his third national championship since 2006 and also made his team the first champions of the new playoff format, which is probably better than what we had in the past. TCU can whine about deserving to be there too, but no one can take this away from the Buckeyes, fully deserving to lift the new trophy. Oregon? They need to start thinking about life without Mariota next year.

Like the Raiders Clutch Ducks New Fans No means no Bundy & Elliott 0 championships That's cute Ouch Not LeBron Raiders curse Drafted by the Jets So Mad Get ready What's left of Oregon New jerseys Nike slogan It's OK Oregon We're just Ducks Game over Thankful Coach Odell Beckham for the rescue Told you Quack Quack Winstoning Cardale Jones Phoooo Proof Ain't it Not Worried

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