14 Best Memes of the Washington Wizards Sweeping the Toronto Raptors

14 Best Memes of the Washington Wizards Sweeping the Toronto Raptors

Drake Meme

As expected, the memes following the Washington Wizards sweeping the Toronto Raptors focus on Drake jokes, dinosaurs going extinct, Paul Pierce and the truth they can’t handle and Kyle Lowry looking all sad.

Lowry is probably the LVP of the series, although he was injured, but everyone’s injured at this point of the season. That’s not a good enough excuse when you look so bad throughout all four games more or less, deteriorating as the series went along.

Paul Pierce wasn’t the best player on the Wizards. He can’t be at his age, not for so many minutes, but he has been the leader and inspiring force behind a team that is the first to sweep a rival without home court advantage in a seven game series.

The Raptors? They’re going home to think about changing a concept, and maybe a head coach. The Wizards have different thoughts in mind. Like waiting for the Hawks-Nets series to end, and crossing their fingers for the Nets, although in this kind of form, they shouldn’t be fearing anyone.

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