NBA Playoffs – Stephen Curry Survives the Nasty Fall

NBA Playoffs – Stephen Curry Survives the Nasty Fall

Stephen Curry, Trevor Ariza

The Golden State Warriors were really worried there for a moment after Stephen Curry had landed on his head/neck. As nasty as the fall and landing looked, there doesn’t seem to be anything more severe than some pain that will go away with one or two packs of ice.

Curry had a bad landing and there was some real concern among Warriors fans and personnel considering the owner went to the locker room to see Curry go through the concussion protocol, but he came back to play. He didn’t play well, but no one on the Warriors was playing well even before the injury.

I feel pretty good. Just not how I envisioned the game going. I was in the air for a long time ; just trying to brace yourself. 

This isn’t the first time Curry, mostly known for his ankle injuries, has gone through the concussion protocol. This time, he says, he actually felt better than in the past. He was actually diagnosed once with a concussion in 2013.

I felt a lot better than I did those last couple times, so that was just good news on my end. Rode the bike for a little bit, got my heart rate up and made sure it didn’t get worse, and ran up and down the hallway and all the balance tests and stuff like that.

So from the sense of things now, Curry is going to shake off his bad landing and play in game 5. Nothing more to it. It was a scary moment, not just for Warriors supporters but for anyone who doesn’t want to see players get hurt (and you shouldn’t want to see players get injured). Unlike other injuries we’ve seen in the playoffs (especially Kevin Love), this one wasn’t even intentional. Trevor Ariza just happened to be the guy Curry fell off of.

I wasn’t exactly sure who it was; I was just trying to pump fake and get somebody off their feet. I didn’t know that he flipped over or whatever the case was. It wasn’t intentionally or anything like that; I was just trying to make a basketball play. It’s a scary thing, a scary situation. Both players were just trying to play hard and trying to make plays for their team, and unfortunately sometimes you get hurt. But he’s a tough kid and he came back out there and competed for his team.

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