What’s the More Arrogant Goal – Kluivert Vs. Raul

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about footy, and argued about great players who never fully lived up to their potential, and we got to Patrick Kluivert.

Top Scorer for Holland of all time, 40 goals

He had a pretty impressive career – One Champions League Trophy with Ajax in 1995, the final in which he scored the winning and only goal of the game when he was only 18.

Four League Trophies – 3 in Holland – 2 with Ajax in 95/96 and 94/95, 1 with PSV in 2006/07. 1 in Spain, playing for Barcelona in 98/99. He is the top scorer for the Dutch national team, with 40 international goals and has 200 goals during his club career in 467 games, the majority of them coming in Spain where he played 6 season with Barcelona, scoring 122 times for Los Cules in 271 games. But despite all that, there’s this feeling about Kluivert that he burned and faded out too soon, with his career after Barcelona deteriorating slowly, producing unimpressive seasons with Newcastle, Lille, Valencia and PSV.

But I digress, cause every time Kluivert comes up in a discussion for me, I think of a goal he scored against Mallorca, while Barca were demolishing them 4-0. It’s a brilliant goal, but probably the most arrogant goal I’ve ever seen.

And when that goal comes up, Raul’s goal against Valladolid during the 03/04 season, when it seemed the Galacticos project was crushing everything in sight, always jumps to mind.

King of Madrid

Raul’s career is impressive as they get, and it deserves a post of it’s own, so lets summarize it shortly for now by saying that he maybe the greatest Real Madrid player of all time, and he recently became the greatest all time scorer for Real, climbing over Di Stefanos’ numbers in League play and all other competitions. Oh, and like Kluivert, is his nation’s to scorer, with 44 goals in 102 apps.

Raul’s goal against Valladolid seemed at the time to epitomize the whole Galacticos way, as an 11-man wrecking crew on the soccer pitch, preferably with as many stars on the pitch for the blancos, and with as many goals as possible. Humiliating opponents was not considered taboo.

Here are these goals got your enjoyment and judgment, who scores more arrogantly, Raul or Kluivert?

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