Robert Griffin III Meme Suggesting he Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Robert Griffin III Meme Suggesting he Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Robert Griffin III Meme

When you’ve been either injured or terrible most of the time over the last two seasons, it’s really dumb of Robert Griffin III to come out and declare he feels like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. That’s like an invitation to make fun of him via memes.

Griffin was great as a rookie, winning the offensive rookie of the year award. But even in that season came what might have been the inevitable sad ending to his career. He had one concussion, followed by an LCL sprain during the season which kept him out of one game and some think was the beginning of his troubles. He returned to lead the Redskins into the playoffs (coming back from 3-6 to finish the season at 10-6).

Then came the playoff game against the Seahawks. He injured his knee and then returned to the field. There are a number of versions to the story, but he probably wasn’t cleared by the doctor to come back but both he and Mike Shanahan decided he’ll get back on the field, which resulted in him hurting his knee one more time, and undergoing surgery to repair his ACL and LCL.

From that moment it hasn’t been pretty. He’s not as quick, fast or good as he was before. Maybe it was all about his athleticism after all, and his vision and ability to make plays relied solely on that? Can he learn to change the way he plays? Despite his impressive completion ratio from last season, he threw just four touchdown passes (1.9% of his throws) while being intercepted six times. He’s more easily sacked (which has something to do with the offensive line). In short? No where near the best quarterback in the NFL.

Players with one good season in their CV should choose their words more carefully when heading into such a crucial season for them. Bringing the attention to himself by saying something that couldn’t be any further from the truth isn’t a smart move.

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