6 Best Memes of Tim Tebow Getting Cut by the Philadelphia Eagles

6 Best Memes of Tim Tebow Getting Cut by the Philadelphia Eagles

Despite hardly playing in the NFL since entering the league, Tim Tebow remains one of the most talked about players of our time, or to be more accurate, mostly mocked, this time through memes after the Philadelphia Eagles were the next team to release him before the season begins.

Don’t feel sorry for Tebow. He has his cushy ESPN college football job waiting for him, but this was another attempt, maybe the final one, to try and make it back into the NFL as a quarterback.

After getting cut by the New York Jets in 2012, Tebow suddenly realized no one around the league wants him on the team. Because he’s not a good enough quarterback, and because he’s a distraction in the locker room.

When the Patriots released Tebow before the 2013 season began, it seemed like he ran out of shots at making it in the NFL. But he’s been working hard on improving his mechanics and his throw, the main problem in his game. The Eagles gave him a shot in training camp and for a few moments, it looked like he’d get his shot, even if it’s a #3 QB.

Despite the fan support and his relatively impressive performance, Chip Kelly cut it pretty harshly when speaking about the decision to release him: He simply wasn’t good enough to be their #3 quarterback. Ouch. Tebow doesn’t seem like the guy who gives up on something he really really wants, but at some point, even faith can’t blind him enough and he’ll realize he’s not good enough for the league anymore, and that 2011 run with the Broncos that included a playoff win was something beyond the explanations of mere mortals.

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