30 Best Memes Celebrating the Start of a New NFL Season

30 Best Memes Celebrating the Start of a New NFL Season

Football season is back

After a long offseason, the NFL is back, and from the memes hovering around the Internet, it seems like Trent Richardson being awful, Tom Brady & the New England Patriots and Tim Tebow getting cut is what’s keeping everyone busy.

Obviously, there are more storylines. The Dallas Cowboys putting the offensive line theory to the test. The Washington Redskins trying to put the Robert Griffin III era behind them. Eli Manning and the Giants four years after winning a Super Bowl, which they won four years after winning the previous one.

The offseason was about Tom Brady, Roger Goodell and DeflateGate. It’s not over yet. Brady has had his suspension lifted, but his appeal is followed by an appeal by the NFL. We haven’t heard the last of this story.

And what about the losers in the Super Bowl? This has been their summer of contract extensions. Turns out they aren’t done yet, with Kam Chancellor giving them problems despite having a long time before his deal expiring. It’s so bad he won’t play in week 1, and who knows when his holdout will end.

But football is back, and Baseball is sad, because it’ll eat up the ratings, on a national level at least. There’s a cloud of legitimacy hovering around the league and it’s not going away anytime soon, but for now, it’s still OK to enjoy the most successful sport in America.

From Deflategate to Tailgate

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