37 Best Memes of Tony Romo & Dallas Cowboys Stunning the New York Giants

37 Best Memes of Tony Romo & Dallas Cowboys Stunning the New York Giants

There’s no doubt that Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys beating the New York Giants on the final play was the biggest moment of the rivalry game, but the memes focus on other things: Odell Beckham and his hair, Eli Manning making poor decisions and especially Tom Coughlin deciding to pass on third and goal, as if he’s Pete Carroll in the Super Bowl.

Romo threw two interceptions, but he also threw three touchdown passes, including two in the fourth quarter as the Cowboys come back from 10-points down with only 8 minutes left on the clock. The Cowboys needed less than two minutes on the final drive to take the lead with 7 seconds to go, taking the week 1 opener 27-26.

The Giants didn’t play well, scoring mostly thanks to the Cowboys turnovers, not their offense. Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin not having a good day was best seen with the Giants driving down the field, stopping on the Cowboys 1. On third and goal, they call a pass play which failed, settling for a field goal, and losing the game on the next drive.

The Cowboys did get some bad news in the end with Dez Bryant going down for at least a month with a broken bone in his right foot, but compared to the problems the Giants have and will have this season, there’s not a lot to be displeased about for the winning side.

Giants fans still sitting Can't hate meme Giants fan impression Romo clutch Monday Morning And it's gone Eli throw it Mad right now He gonna cry in the car Get out Carroll infection Still in the pocket Giants fans stunned Poor time management Owns the Giants ODB hair Neither do I Hair I would have ran the ball Sorry I'll pass Got the Giants Cowboys MVP No need to run Did we win Leave me alone Now this Sudden silence Hell froze over Fitst half, second half Losing to Dallas Jets best Like Jamie Foxx New haircut Penguin Meme Angry Fries Sea Anemone Muppet

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