Fantastic Casio Men’s Solar Watch Deal

Fantastic Casio Men’s Solar Watch Deal

For those looking for a sportive looking, affordable watch, the Amazon deal on the Casio Men’s tough solar watch with a black resin band is something worth checking out.

The Casio Men’s Tough Solar Watch With Black Resin Band looks like it’s about representing a country or a team with its red white and black look, so for anyone who is a fan of a team that wears a red-white-black jersey but feels like going with higher quality, this might be the perfect watch.

Casio Men's Solar Watch

It costs $17.50 instead of $49.95, a 65% discount, which isn’t about Christmas or the holidays, not that it really matters why they’re taking such a hige chunk out of the original price.

The solar powered watch has a 45mm resin case with a glass dial window, quartz movement and digital display, resin band with buckle closure and a Casio one-year warranty. It’s water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet), which means it’s OK for snorkelling and mild water activity, but you can’t take it scuba diving and expect it to survive the trip into the blueish depths.

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