LeBron James Beats Indy and Will Bynum Soars High

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You know the usual drill – LeBron had another standard night out at work yesterday – 41 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists. Nothing out of the ordinary for the two time reigning MVP (26.4, 7.3, 7.3 this season so far). It was one of those nights in which the Heat really struggled when James was sitting, with James finishing with a +/- of +18 while Wade and Bosh finished with -2 each. Indiana stuck with the Heat all the way but fell in the last two plays which included a failed attempt to execute an inbound pass.

It ended in a 117-112 Heat win (38-14). It was also the first loss for the Pacers under new head coach Frank Vogel, ending their four game win streak. James managed to pack in a few highlights as well, including this dunk which ended up landing on Dwyane Wade’s face, shaking him up a little.

And speaking of awesome dunks, the Pistons’ Will Bynum, scoring 21 points off the bench in the 89-100 loss against the San Antonio Spurs, showed some impressive springs with this dunk. Too bad it’s pretty much the only good thing the Pistons will take from this game.

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