28 Best Memes of Nate Diaz Shocking Conor McGregor

28 Best Memes of Nate Diaz Shocking Conor McGregor

The hype train of Conor McGregor has come to a halt in UFC 196 at the hands of Nate Diaz in a non-title fight, which is the first main event loss for the Irish fighter, resulting in plenty of memes making fun of him and Dana White.

McGregor was the face of the UFC for the last year or so, backing up his lavish, arrogant behavior outside of the cage with results and flash fighting inside of it. But in the second round of his fight with Diaz, who hasn’t been in this kind of main event type fight for five years, he got choked out. Going to the ground was not a good idea.

Does this serve a lesson to McGregor when it comes to fighting at Welterweight and 170? Ronda Rousey, another one of the UFC almost household names lost in the last 12 months due to doing something she shouldn’t have done. The woman who beat her, Holly Holm, lost in UFC 196 too. Miesha Tate took the boxer to the ground and beat her with a Technical submission. The McGregor loss was ruled as a regular submission.

McGregor lost his Welterweight debut. This doesn’t mean the end of his career or anything. One might lose from time to time, although he hasn’t lost his last 15 fights, the previous one happening more than five years ago. But it’ll take him away from the public eye for a bit, while White tries to find someone else to put at the front of the organization, trying as hard as possible to promote Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier next month.

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