19 Best Memes of Oklahoma & Syracuse Crushed by Villanova & North Carolina

19 Best Memes of Oklahoma & Syracuse Crushed by Villanova & North Carolina

Losing in the Final Four is bad, like Syracuse did against North Carolina. Getting crushed like Oklahoma did against Villanova results in memes, most of them of the Crying Michael Jordan type, although LeBron James has a cameo too.

Buddy Hield. Poor Buddy Hield. On his way to one of the best tournament runs in history, and then he runs into the Wildcats, ruining his farewell after four fantastic years with the Sooners. It wasn’t surprising that the Villanova defense and the size of the NRG stadium made things difficult for a shooting team, but it wasn’t supposed to be this bad. A 95-51 blowout that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

The Tar Heels got their business sorted out as expected after the shocking ‘Nova-Oklahoma game. It’s worthy of a few memes because of how stupid the Syracuse mascot looks like and well, them being Syracuse and all, but when just as many people focus their memes on North Carolina still being in the tournament while Duke are already at home.

How does it end? Hard to say. But if North Carolina lose, the memes, and especially the crying Michael Jordan one (who knows, maybe he’ll actually cry again), the Internet might explode.

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