Fake Villanova Love – DeMar DeRozan Tells the Truth About Kyle Lowry

Fake Villanova Love – DeMar DeRozan Tells the Truth About Kyle Lowry

Florida Gators v Villanova Wildcats

The Villanova Wildcats made the Final Four and won the NCAA Tournament this season, which has been something of a bragging matter for Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors. According to his teammate and backcourt partner, it’s not real enthusiasm.

In a funny video that tells us more about the interaction between the two players and the great chemistry between Raptors players off the floor, DeRozan mentions how Lowry isn’t really that big of a follower. He doesn’t donate money and he doesn’t go back to watch games or train with them. Lowry mentions a time or two he simply doesn’t have enough money for that, which is always a funny thing to say for someone making $12 million a season.

Lowry was born in Philadelphia, played high school basketball there (Cardinal Dougherty) and played two seasons for the Wildcats, averaging 9.5 points, 3.8 rebounds and 3 assists when they were still in the old, fondly remembered Big East. He and DeRozan have been teammates since 2012. DeRozan played his college basketball for USC.

The Raptors are up 2-1 in their playoff series with the Indiana Pacers, but one thing on some of the fans mind is whether or not DeRozan joins another team in free agency. His Los Angeles link is obvious, but when there’s such a good thing going on for him in Toronto, why leave? He seems pretty happy about everything off the court too, if one can draw a conclusion from about a minute of footage.

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