James Harden Beard Comb Makes Perfect Sense

James Harden Beard Comb Makes Perfect Sense

James Harden beard comb

Big, busy beards aren’t easy to take care of. There’s an upkeep price to take in the form of combing them. For that you need a beard comb. And what’s better than having James Harden on the comb?

Harden has one of the world’s most famous beards, being one of the most recognizable NBA faces, a league that doesn’t usually gives up grizzly looking superstars.

Being that kind of famous and with a beard will get you all kinds of attention, good and bad (especially if you suck on defense). But there’s also fun stuff that goes along with it, that doesn’t necessarily have to do with basketball itself.

C on Imgur has a nice collection of custom-made beard combs which include Harden, using his rolling of the eyes moment as inspiration. The result? It’s not for everybody, both in terms of functionality and taste, but we think it’s pretty awesome.

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