18 Best Memes of Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid Beating Atlético Madrid in the Final

18 Best Memes of Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid Beating Atlético Madrid in the Final

Some things never change, which meme makers quickly picked up on, as Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid after a penalty shootout to win their 11th Champions League title.

Yes, this time, unlike in 2014, it went to penalty kicks and not just extra time. This time Sergio Ramos scored from an offside position and last time his goal was legal. But Diego Simeone still looked like he didn’t know what hit him, Cristiano Ronaldo was again terrible and scored a penalty that gave him an excuse to show off his body, and Atletico Madrid fans and players were left with nothing, crying.

So Real Madrid have 11 Champions League titles, two in the last three years. They only have one league title since 2008, but why focus on the negative? Focus on the positive: Atletico Madrid have 0 European Cup/Champions League titles, despite making the final three times.

Zinedine Zidane couldn’t take Real Madrid to the top of La Liga, but in his short time with the club he’s done some fantastic work, completed with the trophy in Milan. Now, it’ll be interesting to see if he can defy history, and last for a prolonged period at the Santiago Bernabeu, something that has been impossible in recent years, no matter how successful a manager has been.

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