32 Best Memes of Andre Iguodala & the Warriors Beating LeBron James & the Cavs

32 Best Memes of Andre Iguodala & the Warriors Beating LeBron James & the Cavs

Cavs right now meme

The combination of an NBA Finals game between the Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James losing, Steve Kerr smashing clipboards and Matthew Dellavedova hitting groins is like a holiday for meme makers.

The jokes are obvious, but still good: LeBron thinking about leaving or regretting ever departing Miami, while complaining about the Thunder not being their opponents in the final. It wasn’t a bad game by James, but the triple double helped hide his inability to make a difference in the fourth quarter.

The Warriors bench did most of the work, against the Cavs bench and their different, stronger lineups. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson didn’t do anything in the game (a combined 20 points on 29.6% shooting), and the Cavaliers still lost by 15.

Andre Iguodala played great, although he acted unfairly after accidentally getting hit in the balls by Matthew Dellavedova. Steve Kerr was so angry at one point (about what?!) that he broke a clipboard with a mean punch. Draymond Green had himself another dirty moment, combining flopping and kicking Kyrie Irving in the chest. Once again, he’ll probably get away with it, as he did in the game.

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