17 Best Memes of Dwyane Wade Signing With the Chicago Bulls, Leaving the Miami Heat

17 Best Memes of Dwyane Wade Signing With the Chicago Bulls, Leaving the Miami Heat

Bosh only one left

And so another long term NBA relationship NBA ends. Dwyane Wade leaves the Miami Heat and joins the Chicago Bulls, and the meme makers are splitting their time between making fun of the Heat, their players, Pat Riley and their fans.

From the Big Three, only Chris Bosh, with blood clots and the threat of forced retirement hanging over his head, has remained. The Not one, not two, not three joke is reversed, as Bosh is the only one who has remained. Why not when the Heat offered him that massive five-year deal, while James is off winning championships in Cleveland, and Wade, insulted by what the Heat offered to him, decided to take his talents to the shores of lake Michigan, where he grew up.

This might actually be a more shocking turn of events than Durant. However, the Thunder never pushed Durant away. From reports coming in now, Pat Riley never once called Wade, and the two lowball offers given to Wade might suggest that this is the outcome the Heat were looking for.

What’s next? The Bulls have an intriguing season ahead with Wade joining Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler; that’s a lot of locker room ego. The Cavaliers, who tried to sign Wade, will be fine, at least in the East. The Heat? They have Whiteside, Dragic, Bosh, Justise Winslow. That’s about it. Probably a step from starting over, if Riley still has the patience and motivation for it.

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