Golden State Warriors Big Four Hate Rankings

Golden State Warriors Big Four Hate Rankings

The team to hate in the NBA next season? The Golden State Warriors. And the focus of all the negative emotion will be focused on their newly formed big four: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and newcomer Kevin Durant.

But it’s hard hating on so many players at once. So in order to help you channel whatever it is you’re feeling about the NBA’s evil empire, here are some bullets to help you decide, although we do have our own preferred ranking in terms of hate-ability.

4. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry Mouthguard

So what’s hate-able about Curry?

  • The mouthpiece chewing is simultaneously annoying and arrogant, becoming more so every time he does it
  • Adults who look like kids pre-puberty shouldn’t be this good
  • His wife trash talking on Twitter
  • His daughter becoming too much of a thing in press conferences
  • People hate losers/chokers. Curry gets zero credit for the first championship, and all the blame for losing the Finals in 2016

3. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson

From a likeable number two, to something quite different, because:

  • Hypocrite. Whined about a screen by Mozgov. Then called out LeBron James for getting Draymond Green suspended
  • Had his father come and help him trash LeBron James in the media
  • Classless loser. Disappeared like Nightcrawler in the game 6 & 7 losses after being unable to backup his trash talk

2. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Meme

Where do we begin?

  • Bolted from the Oklahoma City Thunder in free agency
  • Not just to any team, but the 2015 champions and a team with 73 regular season wins last season
  • Not just 73 regular season wins, but finalists, who beat Durant & the Thunder in the Western conference final
  • Didn’t just beat him. Durant and co. choked away a 3-1 lead in that series. People hate chokers
  • Said a lot of stupid s@#$ after the storm simmered down, as if people should feel sorry for him about how hard it was for him. He should have kept his mouth shut
  • For some dumb reasons he lies about his height. He’s almost 7 feet, but listed as a lot less. Just the potential reasoning behind it is annoying

1. Draymond Green

Draymond Green Simpsons Meme

While Durant has really risen up the overall villain rankings, Green is a WWE heel wearing an NBA jersey, while also displaying some awesome skills. It’s hard to like the guy if you’re not a Warriors or Michigan State fan.

  • Kicked Steven Adams in the groin
  • Kneed Adams in the groin
  • Tried to dislocate Adam’ shoulder
  • Tripped Enes Kanter
  • Says his high kick is something he can’t control
  • Elbows players in the head
  • Slaps people in East Lansing who don’t know who he is
  • Tried hitting LeBron James in the groin
  • King of illegal screens
  • Gets away with a lot because he smooth talks the referees

There’s probably more, but we’ll leave it at that. There’s a whole new season to add things to the list.


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