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  • Anthony Davis & Kentucky One Win Away From Glory

    Anthony Davis had to be great all night long, while the future NBA players around him had trouble dominating for long stretches. The Freshman led Kentucky to a 69-61 win over Louisville in the opening game of the Final Four, making it to the national finals for the first time since 1998, which was the last time the title went to the Big Blue nation.

  • Kentucky vs Losuiville – A Final Four Turning a State Crazy

    Old men fighting during their dialysis treatment after getting into an argument about Louisville and Kentucky. Resteraunts and bars, usually neutral, choosing sides and inviting only blue or red fans for the game so fights don’t breakout. They will elsewhere I guess. Nothing like alcohol and good old-fashioned inner-state rivalry to get things going on. […]

  • Kentucky – Louisville Such a Final Four Attraction Because of Calipari – Pitino Rivalry

    Rick Pitino will make his sixth trip to the Final Four this weekend, his second with Louisville. For John Calipari, it’ll be his third visit to the national Semi Final, his second consecutive time with Kentucky. Like in that 1996 Semi Final between them, when Calipari was coaching UMass and Pitino was the Kentucky Head coach, all the focus is on them.

  • The Best of Saturday – March 24, 2012

    The Best of Saturday – March 24, 2012
  • The Best of Friday – March 23, 2012

    The Best of Friday – March 23, 2012
  • 2012 College Basketball Rankings – Final Edition

    Kentucky have been the number one team in the nation since January, but lost to Vanderbiltm shockingly, in the SEC finals, which really didn’t change anything regarding their rankings in the poll and the tournament seeding, getting the #1 seed in the South Regional, waiting for the first winner from the first four to join the dance and meet them in the first round.

  • What’s More Important – Winning the Conference Tournament or Regular Season Title?

    Missouri won the Big 12 tournament for the eighth and final time before shipping off to the SEC, beating Baylor. Should it put them ahead of Kansas in the seeding for the NCAA Tournament? Kansas are #3 on the AP poll, Mizzou #5. I don’t know if winning the tournament gives you the go ahead over the regular season champion. I think it shouldn’t, but I’m also not sure it matters.

  • Final Four is Set and Ready to Go

    The Regional finals came and went this weekend and gave us the 2009 final four teams. Two number one seeds advanced, while two other, both Big East teams were knocked out. Highlights from the games, predictions and short recaps of the Elite Eight round.

  • Thoughts Before March Madness Begins

    Well, Tonight is the night all the conference tournaments in College Basketball begin, and it is actually the beginning of the “Big Dance” or “March Madness”. Some or most would say that only when the 64 team NCAA Tournament begins you can say it’s “March Madness” time, but I believe that it starts a week earlier, like tonight. Besides deciding tournament champions for each Conference, who will get in or out of the tournament it can be a factor in deciding how many Big East teams get a number one seed, and who will get it at all.