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  • Paul and Howard to Lakers as Opposed to the NBA Lockout

    Chris Paul and Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers? Can it really happen? Hard to imagine, as both teams, the Orlando Magic and the New Orleans Hornets want the same center piece from the Lakers to make the trades happen. Andrew Bynum, as far as we know, can’t be split in to two.

  • Who Should NBA Teams Use the Amnesty Clause On

    The new Amnesty clause put into the new CBA kicking in from December 8 is causing quite a lot of confusion but also giving many teams a chance to free plenty of cap space. Some players, like Gilbert Arenas and Brandon Roy, look like perfect candidates for the usage of the clause.

  • The Best Free Agents in the NBA – 2011 Edition

    NBA free agency won’t be as big this year after the whole LeBron James 2010 summer, but with David West, Marc Gasol and others without a contract, there will be plenty to fight for in the upcoming frenzy when the lockout is finally lifted.

  • The NBA Lockout Nightmare – Month 5 and Counting

    From hope to despair, from 53 to 47, from BRI to age limits, two years in college, hard caps and flex caps. And that’s not all. But after so many words, after a growing sense of optimism that blew up in everyone’s faces this week when Billy Hunter turned the latest offer down, the bottom line is that we’re over four months into the NBA lockout.

  • Hugo Chaves Keeps Greivis Vasquez in Venezuela, Denying Israeli Signing

    While things are escalating between the Star NBA players and David Stern in the Lockout meetings, Hugo Chavez took his political views into effect by keeping Venezuelan NBA player, Greivis Vasquez, in Venezuela and denying Israeli team Hapoel Jerusalem from signing the former Maryland star and currently fringe Memphis Grizzlies player.

  • Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose Getting Closer to Europe?

    The 2010-2011 MVP,Derrick Rose, hasn’t made a lot of news since the 2011 NBA Playoffs. Now, as the NBA lockout talks enter their must crucial stage, he’s actually entertaining an offer or two from Europe if regular season games get cancelled. Kobe Bryant is finally entering the Union-Owners talks, but also finding the Italian offer very interesting.