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  • 15 Dirtiest NBA Players According to the Players Themselves

    Metta World Peace chose to hit James Harden with an elbow to the face in perfect timing. No, not because of the NBA playoffs, but because SI.com released results from their poll among 146 NBA players, determining who they think is the dirtiest player in the NBA.

  • Records and Milestones in the 2011-2012 NBA Season

    Is there a way to define the 2011-2012 NBA Season? Short? LeBron James got himself a milestone or two, while NBA coaches like Popovich and Thibodeau set wins milestones as well. Above all was Kobe Bryant, moving up the all-time scoring list, smashing franchise records for the Lakers while putting names like Kareem and West behind him. Even Michael Jordan.

  • Best Photos of the Miami Heat Winning the 2012 NBA Finals

    The Miami Heat have been waiting for this moment for six years; LeBron James has been waiting for it 27 years, including the nine he spent in the league, with these past two, since joining the Miami Heat, being extremely difficult. Making the transformation from the chosen one, to the best player in the NBA, to the most hated player in the NBA, to finally being a champion, cementing the beginning of his legacy as one of the greatest NBA Players in history.

  • What David Stern Wants to Change in the NBA

    Was the 2011-2012 NBA season a good one? David Stern certainly thinks so. He’s got NBA Finals with the league’s biggest stars; The Heat-Celtics series broke ratings records, and despite all the doom and gloom predictions of the lockout, it seems that the lockout didn’t kill the interest in the NBA.

  • The 2011-2012 All-NBA First Team

    LeBron James should have been a four time MVP, but the trend was against him last season and Derrick Rose got the benefit of the doubt. Like him or love him; Clutch or not clutch, James is the best and most talented player in the NBA, and led all players in voting for the All-NBA team as well.

  • Tim Duncan Turning Back the Clock

    The last time Tim Duncan had a playoff game with 26 points and 10 rebounds was two years ago, when the San Antonio Spurs were getting swept by the Dallas Mavericks. Thirteen postseason games later, and the Clippers were forced to suffer through one of Duncan’s best games in recent years, leading the Spurs to a 109-92 victory.

  • The Long List of Season Ending Injuries in the 2011-2012 NBA Season

    With Chris Bosh out indefinitely, the Miami Heat’s chances of winning the NBA title or even making it out of the East or their current series have taken a serious blow. But Bosh is just the last name in a long list of players who went down to season ending injuries in the shortened and condensed year, which hasn’t been friendly to players’ health.

  • LeBron James Isn’t Done With Winning MVP Awards

    LeBron James, according to those sources that always foresee the future, will win the 2011-2012 NBA MVP award for the regular season, the third time he has won the award. This makes him the 8th player in NBA history to win the award three times or more, and don’t expect this to be the last time with his name on the Maurice Podoloff trophy.

  • Knicks over Heat – Carmelo Anthony and the Small Hope That Remains

    Carmelo Anthony was having a terrible series up until Game 3. But then, he saw Shane Battier guarding him in crunch time and not LeBron James. With Amare Stoudemire at his side, Anthony scored 41 point, leading the New York Knicks to their first playoff win in 11 years.

  • James Harden Can Be the Hero for the Thunder Sometimes

    James Harden isn’t an All-Star like his two more prolific teammates, Westbrook and Durant, but his ability to score coming off the bench is just as important to the Thunder’s success. It was his scoring (29 points) that put his team back in the game, en route to a 103-97 win and a dominant sweep over the 2011 NBA Champions, the Dallas Mavericks.