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  • MLB’s Top Ten Active Home Run Leaders – 2012 Edition

    Alex Rodriguez has 133 home runs to go before he makes it to Barry Bonds, and conquers what used to be the most prestigious record in American Sports, also with an asterisk to it. Injuries will probably prevent him from reaching that spot, but he’s still the leader among active players, PED’s or not.

  • Top Ten Biggest MLB Stadiums

    The 2012 stadium is soon to arrive, with spring training in full swing mode. From Dodger stadium, the oldest among the ten biggest baseball stadiums in America, to the recently opened Yankee Stadium (2009), here are the top 10 biggest MLB Stadiums.

  • Top Ten Biggest NBA Arenas

    The 10 biggest arenas in the NBA.

  • Top Ten Biggest NFL Stadiums

    NFL Stadiums don’t produce eye popping numbers like some of College Football 100,000+ venues, but there aren’t any with less than 60,000. Cowboys Stadium can pack 110,000 when Jerry Jones feels like it, while FedEx stadium keeps getting smaller, but remains high on the list.

  • Top Ten Biggest Soccer Stadiums in the World

    The largest soccer stadiums in the world. Some are among the most famous names in the world, including Wembley and the Nou Camp but some I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of.

  • Top Ten Biggest College Football Stadiums

    With the 2011 College Football season already on its way, it’s time to refresh this list. It’s been two years since we put this list out, and its still the same ten stadiums that have the largest capacity in College Football, with a few shifts. Most importantly, especially for Michigan fans – Michigan Stadium is back on top, as the top 3 spots are owned by Big Ten teams. The SEC has four venues, The Pac-12 with two and one from the Big 12. Those numbers, the conference names, are likely to change pretty soon.

  • Bar Refaeli’s Hottest Photos

    Bar Refaeli isn’t too closely connected to sports. Yeah, she’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and she dated Leonardo Di Caprio for a while (he’s a big Lakers fan). She also might have been involved with Kelly Slater a few years ago, so she has a potential WAG, or ex-WAG credential. She looks great in a bathing suit, that’s all we care about, so on another hot summer day, as July becomes August, watching her with minimal clothing is a chilly and refreshing escape from the heat.

  • Best Photos of the Week July 24-31

    The Best Photos of the week from the wide world of sports from July 24 to July 31.

  • Fat Ronaldo is Getting Fatter

    He used to be the greatest player in the world, and Ronaldo, the Brazilian Ronaldo, less than a year since retiring from professionalism football after a few retirement years with Corinthians, can’t stop the bloating effect that usually occurs in lazy, retired, soccer players. Being a fun lovin’ Brazilian isn’t exactly helping him keep his figure. it isn’t stopping him from doing well with the ladies, according to these photos.

  • Larissa Riquelme’s Hottest Photos

    It isn’t exactly difficult finding pictures of Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme in partial (or more) nudity, but the thought of her fulfilling her pledge to strip naked if Paraguay win the Copa America is quite exciting.