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  • Probably a bit Too Late for Juventus to Start Scoring Now

    Antonio Conte saw his team win their first match in a month, after four consecutive draws in the league and only three goals scored. Juventus lost their grip on the top spot in the Serie A and slowly slipped four points behind AC Milan, who have come together, with a refreshed Zlatan Ibrahimovic, just in time. The 5-0 away win over Fiorentina might be too late, despite the 10 matches still left to play.

  • Alex Ferguson & Manchester United Doing it Again

    Alex Ferguson always talks about hitting the stride around late February, pulling into March, April and May in full force. You can drop point earlier on, but it’s important to be at your best in the months that matter. Manchester United, beating WBA 2-0 and climbing to the top of the Premier League at the expense of Manchester City, are doing exactly that.

  • Dortmund Running Away With the Bundseliga, Bayern Keep Falling

    Bayern Munich struggled away from home, again, losing to Leverkusen 2-0. Meanwhile, Dortmund, who haven’t tasted league defeat since September, didn’t have it easy against Mainz, but came out with a 2-1 victory, their 7th consecutive victory as the open up a 7 point lead at the top of the German league.

  • Messi Four Goals and Barcelona Show Won’t Help Win La Liga

    Lionel Messi scoring four goals against Valencia in the 5-1 thrashing by Barcelona did his Pichichi bid and climb up the all time ranks a world of good, but with a 10 point gap from Real Madrid in the La Liga table, it looks like the title will be leaving Barca’s grip for the first time since 2008.

  • Jose Mourinho Can Finally Relax

    Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid have opened a 13 point, seemingly un-erasable lead at the top of the La Liga, with Barcelona’s chances of catching up somewhere between slim to none. He still hasn’t won a league or Champions league clasico, but there’s no doubt that the Special One’s stocks are on the rise once again.

  • Real Madrid Don’t Have to Worry About Barcelona This Season

    When Jose Mourinho was asked about how would he feel if Real Madrid won the La Liga without beating Barcelona, he said that it would be just fine. And although he’ll have another shot at beating Barcelona, it’s more and more evident, after another Barca stumble, that the result of the next Clasico won’t really matter.

  • Patrick Vieira Presents the Anti Manchester City Conspiracy Theory

    Manchester City lead the Premier League by two points, despite at certain points during the season clearly showing they are the top side in England, and not just in their bank account but by quality of football, right, even better then the never ending Manchester United. According to Patrick Vieira, a possible conspiracy to stop them from winning the title could eventually derail Roberto Mancini and his title aspirations.

  • The Wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Period in the Premier League

    While every league in Europe takes a break, in England Christmas means more football, not less. The Premier League goes into their usual end of year marathon, playing four league matches in under two weeks. If you’re planning on a Christmas vacation that doesn’t involve ski but prefer more Urban thrills and plenty of goals, London and England are the place for you.

  • 2011-2012 Struggles of Champions

    Manchester United in England aren’t the only European club to win the title in 2010-2011 and fall behind early this season. Barcelona in Spain, Milan in Italy, Lille in France and Dortmund in Germany have all been unable to keep the top spot early on this season.

  • Real Madrid vs Barcelona Title Race, Week 2

    Took only two weeks for the first of the two Spanish giants to drop points – It was Barcelona, who managed to squander a comfortable 2-0 away lead against Real Sociedad to a 2-2 finish. Meanwhile, in Madrid, Getafe didn’t make it easy for Jose Mourinho’s side, but Real were too good, as expected, en route to a 4-2 victory.