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  • Giants vs 49ers – Not the NFC title Game we Expected

    The San Francisco 49ers, despite being the home team against the Saints, weren’t favored to win. Alex Smith and Vernon Davis came up as winners in an epic fourth quarter, and the rest is history. The New York Giants weren’t supposed to beat the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau, but Eli Manning and the G-Men are simply too hot to stop right now.

  • Giants vs Packers – Eli Manning Feeling Like 2008 Again

    Eli Manning came through, as he has all season for the Giants, leading them to a surprising win over the Green Bay Packers, the best team in the NFL during the regular season, and the would be MVP Aaron Rodgers, stunning in Lambeau Field 37-20.

  • Everything Clicking For New York Giants at Perfect Time

    Eli Manning can’t get touched, the New York Giants can’t lose. Winning their third straight win-or-you’re-out home game, the Giants completely dominated the playoff-troubled Atlanta Falcons, keeping their offense well at bay, advancing to a Packers showdown after a 24-2 win.

  • Giants Enter Playoffs as NFC’s Hottest Team

    Eli Manning is a fourth quarter wiz. Victor Cruz looks like the most unstoppable wide reciever in football. The defensive line carved up the Cowboys’ Offensive Line like Turkey. The New York Giants dominated their two must win games, playoff games in fact, entering the post season hotter than any other team with a 31-14 win.

  • Jets’ Rex Ryan Has Seen Better Days

    Rex Ryan had a bad day, like his quarterback Mark Sanchez, like the entire New York Jets team. They lost to the New York Giants 29-14, lost the rivalry, and a lot of chances in the playoff race. The Brandon Jacobs ordeal at the end stood out as another pillar of bad taste for the head coach.

  • Eli Manning and December Syndrome in Dallas (Giants vs Cowboys)

    The New York Giants jump started their playoff hopes once again and ruined it for the Cowboys, beating Dallas 37-34 despite a great Tony Romo day, with Eli Manning leading an incredible fourth quarter comeback and Jason Pierre-Paul blocking a potentially game-tying field goal.

  • Tiki Barber Stunned No One Wants a 36 Year Old Out of Retirement Running Back

    So, the phones haven’t been ringing, huh? The inbox is empty? Nothing on the Whatsapp or Viber? Mark Leplester is Flabbergasted. Yes, Flabbergasted. Tiki Barber? He’s devastated. I don’t what’s worse – being flabbergasted, or devastated. Bottom line – No one wants Tiki Barber on their NFL rosters this year, or at least to open the year with him on the team.

  • Ranking the Last Ten Super Bowls

    Ranking the last ten Super Bowls (2001-2010) or from XXXV – XLIV.