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  • Spain vs Netherlands, 2010 World Cup Final Preview

    After 30 days and six matches for each team, it comes down to the final game of the 2010 World Cup, the Spain vs Netherlands final, with both teams looking to grab their first ever World Cup trophy.

  • Semi Final Fever II – Germany vs Spain Preview

    Looking at Tomorrow’s second Semi Final, the “Real” Final according to many – The red hot Germany side, without Thomas Muller, facing European Champions and pre-tournament favorites yet disappointing so far, Spain.

  • Germany Crush Argentina en Route to Semi Final

    Lionel Messi didn’t show up, again, for a big Argentina match, as Germany did to Maradona what they did to England a few days earlier, crushing the Albiceleste 4-0, never allowing Argentina any real threat on Neuer’s goal, with every piece of Low’s puzzle working perfectly, orchestrated by the fantastic Bastian Schweinsteiger, eliminating the second South American juggernaut side from the World Cup, ending the talks about Latin domination in South Africa.

  • Netherlands – Brazil, Afterthoughts

    After both teams have been criticized during the tournament for playing dull and un-imaginative football, far from the traditions both nations’ sides have shown in the past, Dunga’s “European” style didn’t work against a Netherlands team that have won every match during this tournament but have been far from impressive during those four wins.

  • 2010 World Cup Diary – Day 14

    Awesome goals day, asItaly made like France and got knocked out of the World Cup by Slovakia (deserving) who joined Slovakia from Group F, facing the Netherlands who finished a perfect group stage by beating pointless Cameroon while Japan turned on the style, led by Honda, against Denmark, in their 3-2 win. All the goals and best pictures, as always.

  • 2010 World Cup Diary – Day 10

    Referee mistakes, Brazilian Samba, Italy shocked by New Zealand and a confident Paraguay win – All in day’s work from South Africa, with all the goals, best pics and cutest fan from day 10 of the World Cup.

  • It’s a Shame if They Don’t Make it to South Africa

    Three days before the UEFA playoffs for the 2010 World Cup, we take a look at the players it will be shame to miss in South Africa.

  • England Grab an Easy 4-0 Victory in Kazakhstan en route to South Africa

    England beat Kazakhstan 4-0 in their World Cup qualifier, improving to 6 from 6 in the campaign under Italian coach Fabio Capello. Barry, Heskey, Rooney and Lampard scored the goals.