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  • Alex Ferguson – A Career in Numbers

    Alex Ferguson – A Career in Numbers

    For over a decade, we’ve been hearing about Sir Alex Ferguson thinking about stepping down from his eternal hold on the Manchester United managerial seat, not to mention on the “King of English Football” title. After 40 years as a football manager, at the age of 71, bowing down as Premier League champion once again, he decided it’s time to say goodbye to the team, the fans and the game.

  • Summing Up Nicklas Lidstrom’s NHL Career

    Nicklas Lidstrom played his entire NHL career with only one team – the Detroit Red Wings, since being picked by them in the 1989 NHL draft. Nearly 23 years later, and the Swedish Denfenceman decided that 20 seasons and 1564 games were enough, and he hung the skates and his hockey stick.

  • Most Wins of the NBA Regular Season MVP Award

    LeBron James hasn’t been oficially announced as the MVP yet, but it’s pretty close. With the 2012 regular season award coming to him, he’ll be the eighth NBA player to win the award for a third time, putting him level with Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Moses Malone. He does need that NBA title that the rest of the guys on the list have.

  • 120 Dennis Bergkamp Goals in 12 Minutes

    Dennis Bergkamp scored 122 goals for Arsenal during his 11 seasons with the team, winning three Premier League titles. Leaving the penalty goals out of the discussion, Bergkamp never scored an “ugly” goal.

  • The NFL’s All Time Top Ten Rushing Touchdowns Leaders

    Rushing touchdowns have a lot to do with how good of an offensive line a running back had during his career, but all stats have someone else behind the story. Emmitt Smith isn’t the greatest running back of all time. Jim Brown probably is, or maybe Barry Sanders, or Walter Payton. But they don’t have his numbers, like the rest of the guys on this list.

  • Randy Moss Decides to Retire From the NFL

    Randy Moss decided that 13 seasons, four teams, one Super Bowl loss, 153 touchdowns and 14,858 yards were enough for a decent NFL career, announcing his retirement from football earlier today.

  • NBA MVP’S Never to win a Championship

    Who are the men good enough to win the Most Valuable Player Award in the NBA but not good enough or never had the pieces around them to get a Championship ring?

  • The Numbers Behind Paul Scholes’ Career

    It was in the air, and it came quickly – Paul Scholes announced his retirement from professional football three days after playing his final match for Manchester United, the only club he’s ever played for.

  • Phil Jackson – A Career in Numbers

    It seems over this time. I have no plans to return said Jackson on Wednesday. He did leave an opening for a return. Retirements are never a sure thing in the NBA. But this is his second retirement. Michael Jordan had three, so who knows. If this is the last time Jackson coached an NBA game, here’s a few numbers that stood out during his 21 year NBA coaching career.

  • Nothing New About Dirk Nowitzki Being Great

    Yes, Dirk Nowitzki was great in the Mavs’ 96-94 win over the Lakers. No, it’s not a surprise, not at all.