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  • Jeremy Lin Flagrant Fouls Video & Letter Results in Big F*** U From the NBA

    Jeremy Lin Flagrant Fouls Video & Letter Results in Big F*** U From the NBA

    For those expecting the NBA to admit to its mistakes or some intentional wrongdoing, they’ll have to wait for the next opportunity. The video created to showcase Jeremy Lin getting viciously fouled again and again without a flagrant foul ever being called also had an email accompanying it sent to the league. The NBA responded with a middle finger, pretty much saying they couldn’t care less.

  • 15 Dirtiest NBA Players According to the Players Themselves

    Metta World Peace chose to hit James Harden with an elbow to the face in perfect timing. No, not because of the NBA playoffs, but because SI.com released results from their poll among 146 NBA players, determining who they think is the dirtiest player in the NBA.

  • A Dirty Kind of NBA Night

    A Dirty Kind of NBA Night

    First it was Dwyane Wade trying to make sure Ramon Sessions doesn’t get to have any kids. It was followed by Dwight Howard stopping Kenneth Faried from scoring on him by planting two hands in his face. It ended with J.R. Smith using a slight shoulder nudge on Goran Dragic to make sure he ends up on the floor.

  • Dirk Nowitzki and Mavs End Lakers Season, Phil Jackson’s Career

    The Dallas Mavericks Completed their sweep against the Los Angeles Lakers, winning Game 4 with a 122-86 beat down, led by Jason Terry (32 points), marking Phil Jackson’s final game as a head coach and marred by Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom’s lack of class.

  • Lakers Silence Rockets Fans in Convincing 108-94 Win, Lead 2-1

    Kobe Bryant didn’t mind the booing and rained 33 points on the Houston Rockets to cap off a 108-94 win in Houston, giving the Los Angeles Lakers a 2-1 lead in the series. Ron Artest was ejected again and Yao Ming is doubtful for the next game (injury) as Houston find themselves in trouble.

  • Lakers Tie Things up in a Rough and Aggressive Game, Beat Rockets 111-98

    The Lakers decided that beating up on Yao Ming and the Rockets gives the a better shot in winning this series. So they did, tied things at 1-1 as Kobe Bryant scored 40 while Gasol and Odom limited Yao Ming to only 12 points.