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  • Jason Kidd Should Have Retired Two Years Ago

    Jason Kidd Should Have Retired Two Years Ago

    It seems that actually leaving your profession at the perfect point in time is an impossible art to master. Jason Kidd could have let the NBA as a champion two years ago, but remained in the league and pretty much embarrassed himself for a couple of seasons before deciding it’s actually time to quit.

  • 2012 NBA Free Agency – Deron Williams & Other Rumors

    One of the biggest questions in this summer’s free agency period has been answered. Deron Williams decided to remain with the Brooklyn Nets instead of playing for the Dallas Mavericks, feeling that the team is doing enough (Joe Johnson trade) (and offering enough) to convince him to stay.

  • Dark Side of the Moon – The NBA No One Wanted to See This Season

    The New Jersey Nets are leaving to Brooklyn, and it doesn’t look like a lot of people are too sad. The NBA’s popularity didn’t take such a hit, maybe not at all, as many expected after the lockout delayed the opening of the 2011-2012 season by almost two months.

  • Armon Johnson Last to Score For Nets in New Jersey Era

    Armon Johnson scored the last points for the Nets in New Jersey before they head over to Brooklyn, towards a new era and a new stadium. It wasn’t surprising that it seemed to blow by so many people, as the franchise never really managed to become a marquee and vital part of the area and the NBA, despite some years of success.

  • LeBron James and a Different Kind of Clutch

    LeBron James gets a lot of criticism for his performance on fourth quarters and especially last shot scenarios and situations. One bad playoff series, the finals against the Mavs, made people forget the James is capabale of carrying a team, alone, for a full 12 minutes of crunch time basketbal, and prevail as the winner. Without a game winning shot. There’s no need.

  • Gerald Green With the Best Dunk of the Season

    Gerald Green never really impressed with anything but his athletics skills. Too raw of a talent to come out straight from highschool, being the 18th pick in the 2005 NBA Draft. Now with the New Jersey Nets, Green, who made his return to the NBA this season, pulled off an incredible Alley-Oop dunk, better than anything else anyone has pulled off this season so far.

  • LeBron James and the Half Court Buzzer Beater That Won’t Help Him

    LeBron James has hit game winning shots before, and he’s hit buzzer beaters before. Amidst the current wave of criticism, he hit a huge half court buzzer beater as the Miami Heat walked all over the New Jersey Nets, only the game wasn’t on the line and it was the end of the third quarter.

  • Who Said Deron Williams Isn’t Motivated Playing for the Nets?

    Deron Williams isn’t exactly in the situation he wished to be. Playing for a team with no playoff prospects and an owner who’s more busy with Russian politics. Williams is still putting up impressive numbers, but nothing came close to his explosion against the Charlotte Bobcats, scoring a franchise record 57 points as the New Jersey Nets won 104-101.

  • The Deron Williams Options – Lakers via Trade or Mavs in the Summer

    Deron Williams isn’t happy with the situation in New Jersey with the Nets. From playing on a team with high aspirations, hopfeul of landing Dwight Howard somehow, Williams has found himself as the best player on a team going nowhere, with an owner who’s too involved with current Russian politics to actually care enough it seems.

  • Deron Williams New Besiktas Adventure

    Deron Williams is on the verge of signing for Turkish club Beskitas, which might signal the beginning of a lockout influenced mini-migration of NBA players across the Atlantic. Maybe even Kobe Bryant.