Losing to get Stanford’s Andrew Luck is Pathetic

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As Andrew Luck’s college days enter their final two-three months, at least his playing days are, the hunger of failing NFL teams to get the Stanford quarterback, even more after the wild win over USC on Saturday night, it’s interesting to see which of the teams goes into tanking mode at some point in contrast to the Cardinal, who actually have a shot for a national title, their first since 1926, while Luck looks a sealed deal for the Heisman Trophy.

Winning the Heisman isn’t all that, may I remind you. Many of them go on to have forgettable pro careers at best. Many of them themselves forgotten, like Ohio State’s Troy Smith or Sam Bradford if things in St. Louis keep going on the way they have.

So far, the Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams have yet to win a game this season. The Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals have won only once, and have serious Quarterback issues. The Dolphins have faith in Chad Henne, but he’s out for the season and will probably prefer Luck. The Colts? Peyton Manning is also out, no one knows for how long, how he’ll be when he returns. The terrible collapse without him and being the favorites to finish as the worst NFL team in 2011, the need is obvious.

Rams? Bradford isn’t cutting it, despite the promise and potential. This year has gone wrong, despite not being Bradford’s fault. The offensive line is a bigger issue there, but no one is going to give up Andrew Luck as the number one pick. Same goes for the Vikings, who aren’t happy with McNabb and the Cardinals, suffering with Kevin Kolb.

Luck? It’s too early for him. Despite his financial future waiting somewhere to be decided in 2012, his mission right now is to keep Stanford undefeated. He could have gone no. 1 in the 2011 NFL Draft, but knew that Stanford had something special with him and the crew that stayed. A rare chance, better than last year’s 12-1 season and winning the Orange Bowl.

Being considered greater than John Elway (college version) and going out shrouded by glory was pretty tempting. It’s working out fine so far. Last night was the hardest game Stanford had all year. Luck passed with flying colors.